Motoring Offences

For most criminal practitioners; No Insurance is a strict liability offence – you either have it or you don’t.  There are some grey areas and circumstances that mean there may not of actually been an offence committed. DDE Law are experts in this area of law. Our expertise in the area of motoring offences doesn’t stop there.

We are also expert in;

Cases that come under the heading of ‘Exceptional Hardship’ and have represented many clients that have kept their licence even with 12 or more penalty points.

Drink Driving offences and have won many cases using the many procedural defences available that can arise if the police fail to deal with clients at the roadside and/or in the police station correctly.

Clearly Legal Aid does not always cover motoring offences but we offer extremely competitive rates in relation to privately funded work but do not compromise on the level of service expected which is second to none.