Motoring Offences

For most criminal practitioners; No Insurance is a strict liability offence – you either have it or you don’t.  There are some grey areas and circumstances that mean there may not of actually been an offence committed. DDE Law are experts in this area of law. Our expertise in the area of motoring offences doesn’t stop there.

We are also expert in;

Cases that come under the heading of ‘Exceptional Hardship’ and have represented many clients that have kept their licence even with 12 or more penalty points.

Drink Driving offences and have won many cases using the many procedural defences available that can arise if the police fail to deal with clients at the roadside and/or in the police station correctly.

Clearly Legal Aid does not always cover motoring offences but we offer extremely competitive rates in relation to privately funded work but do not compromise on the level of service expected which is second to none.


We will undertake your case on a Fixed Fee basis if appropriate and dependant on complexity and the number of charges.

Please use the below as a guide in relation to Fixed Fees:

Totting up 12 penalty points (guilty plea, exceptional hardship)
Between £1000 – £1500

Speeding offences where there is a risk of disqualification (guilty plea)
Between £500 – £1500

Drink and drug driving (guilty plea)
Between £1000 – £1500

Failing to provide a specimen (guilty plea)
Between £1000 – £1500

Drink driving/drug driving (not guilty)
Between £2000 – £3500

Failure to provide a specimen (not guilty)
Between £2000 – £3500

The supervisor of the Criminal Department and the person responsible for specific supervision of all work on motoring cases is Andrew Egerton, who is an Advocate Solicitor. Mr Egerton has been qualified as a solicitor for in excess of 15 years and has a wealth of experience in Criminal Advocacy.

Representation at Court

Usually, hearings in the Magistrates Court will be conducted by Mr Andrew Egerton. In some cases, if he is unavailable we will instruct an advocate of similar experience from our list of approved lawyers. We normally instruct a Barrister to represent you at all Crown Court hearings.

If we are unable to offer a Fixed Fee our charging rates are as follows:

The way our fees are calculated is by reference to an hourly rate. The current hourly rates are as follows:

Charging Rates for Andrew Egerton based on his level of Post Qualification Experience:

Preparation/Advocacy/Attendance = £230.00 per hour

Travelling = £230.00 per hour

Waiting = £230.00 per hour

Letters out = £23.00

Telephone Calls (made and received) = £23.00

These charging rates will be increased by 7.5% on the first day of January in each year.

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate in addition to the above.

The above amounts do not allow for the provision of Experts. If an expert report is required we will of course advise you in relation to the instruction of a suitable expert and the further cost implications prior to instruction to ensure you are content to proceed.

We must also advise you that at the conclusion of the case you may be ordered to pay, or make a contribution to the Prosecution and/or Defence costs, including witnesses expenses. Such an order will only be considered if you are convicted of an offence. Equally, if you win your case and have paid your own legal costs, an application can be made for repayment of these costs by the Court. Repayment is however not guaranteed, and the Court may decide not to make an order for costs, or only a limited order.