March 2020

Widow of doctor who killed himself in River Tees says agencies ‘failed my husband’

Lyn Al-Anbari of DDE Law represented the family of Dr Suresh who sadly took his own life on 2 May 2018 after a series of failings by the police, the Hospital Trust for whom he worked and The General Medical Council who commenced an investigation against him after allegations were made.

Dr Suresh

Dr Suresh was a consultant anaesthetist who was accused by the police of sexual touching of a minor after a teenager underwent a dental procedure at a private facility, during which sedatives were administered which allow patients to remain awake but pain free during procedures. These drugs are known to have hallucinogenic effects on some patients. The teenager alleged that whilst in recovery, she was inappropriately touched by a male.

The physical description of the male allegedly responsible did not match that of Dr Suresh but the police investigated him because he was the anaesthetist. He was suspended from work at the Trust and isolated from his colleagues and the work he was so devoted to. He was given assurances that the hospital trust would not refer him to the GMC as they did not believe that there was sufficient evidence against him. However, the trust knew at the time of making these assurances that he had already been referred to the GMC by the police and that an investigation of his fitness to practice medicine would inevitably follow. He was not therefore supported in this.

The GMC notified Dr Suresh by email on 2 May 2018 that an investigation was underway and he would face a tribunal to consider whether his registration as a doctor should be suspended. The GMC also requested details of all of the facilities at which Dr Suresh worked in order that they could inform them of the allegations against him. Within a matter of hours, Dr Suresh had taken his own life.

Lyn Al-Anbari of DDE Law has been supporting and representing Dr Suresh’s wife for almost 2 years and has fought tirelessly for justice in this inquest. She instructed Professor Leslie Thomas QC for the inquest hearing, who did an outstanding job and we are delighted that after pushing for vital evidence to be heard at the inquest that the coroner had initially excluded, the truth about the failings of these three agencies has been exposed.

We are now advising our client on her next legal steps in the continued fight for justice.

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